To Imad Mughniyeh: Eyes Turned Toward Palestine

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Hezbollah fighters skirmish in South Lebanon. (Photo: Haytham al-Moussawi)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We are not in the best of shape. The country you left one night has plunged into darkness and under an insane assault from outsiders still determined to recolonize us. Backwardness, hatred, and the hard life have turned into an ongoing process of killing. Perhaps your wish was fulfilled, that you did not live to see the countries of the Levant in their condition today.

A protest against poverty and oppression was all of a sudden turned into an opportunity to destroy a bastion of resistance. Those whom you decided not to fight, to save your bullets for the enemy, have started doing its bloody work on its behalf. The Arabs have acquired a sword in Israeli colors, with which to kill us in the name of freedom, justice, and dignity. The Arabs have acquired tongues, with which to raise the voice of sectarian strife louder than that of the struggle against Israel. And the Arabs have acquired hands with which to reach places that Israel and the US never could.

You missed the spectacle of the American flight from Iraq. You might have had a chance to visit the country of which you were fond, and the people and places you liked there. You did what you could to support its resistance against American occupation. But the arrogant fleeing occupier would not leave the scene clear.

It left behind landmines, in the form of sectarian and confessional wars. It left behind alternative wars too – soft ones where appropriate, hard ones when required by its clients, who all of a sudden shed their masks and flaunted their hostility to anything related to the resistance. They strive night and day to split the ranks of that resistance, also in the name of freedom, justice, and dignity.

We are not in the best of shape. Your admirers from the far Maghreb to the far Mashreq are confused, unable to distinguish between resistance which the world wants to kill, and the freedom that is confined to words.

We are not in the best of shape here either. Lebanon has dragged us into its dark putrid mire. The resistance has become part of a government that cannot mend a pothole in a street. The resistance has become a cover for an army of the corrupt who multiply faster than parasites. The resistance has become a barrier, protecting those who lived off the blood of its fighters, either as conspirators or as fraudsters.

We are not in the best of shape. We were cornered into a unenviable choice, between a government made unworkable by a sectarian mob, and a street exhausted by Lebanon’s wars and hoaxes. We thus fell into the trap of the sectarians, who want a country in their image, unreformed and not safe to live in.

We are not in the best of shape. Your party, which grew many times over after the July victory, is in organizational limbo. It is not known why it has undergone no renewal. Nor why some from its ranks – or from its milieu or retinue – sunk so low. A number were tainted by corruption, and from within our home emerged agents of our worst enemies.

We are not in the best of shape. We tread with care, to avoid upsetting a sectarian bigot here, or confronting a thief or criminal there. We proceed as though navigating a minefield, not always able to avoid all traps. So we are injured at times, and stumble at others, while the enemies persevere. They take losses, yet they continue to stubbornly resist history as they march towards further insanity.

Yet, there is a great hope, vested in a group of your comrades who refused to leave the field. They have not been distracted from our original cause, nor been put off by betrayals. They still take the night as their cloak under which to increase their strength.

They are making ready for a day to come: the day when the enemy intends to try its luck once more. It may do so on its own, or with the assistance of the entire world – including our own kith and kin. But it seeks vengeance, and wants it to resonate in the ears of any who might think of saying of “no” to America or Israel.

These are the comrades, brothers, and sons, who are faithful to your will: that the eyes of the free, all over the world, should remain turned toward Palestine.

We have nothing to lighten our grief, Hajj Imad, except our patience. Our heroes are our martyrs, and our living have their unknown tomorrows.

Ibrahim al-Amin is editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar.


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