Is Obama Black?

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There is no question that United States President Barack Obama has been trying desperately for the last three years to avoid bringing attention to a fact that few Americans miss: the fact that he is an African-American.

Obama is aware of the widespread racism in the United States and he is a truly skillful American politician who knows that his race is a big problem among white voters (especially males).

Obama has struggled throughout his administration to avoid the race issue. Obama knows that any mention of race would scare off many white male voters who already may be scared of the very presence of a black man in the White House.

Obama is unlike previous US presidents and their wives who kept race alive in order to capture white voters’ support.

American political scientist, Kenneth O’Reilly, traced in his book, Nixon’s Piano, the use and misuse of race in American presidential politics, from Washington to Clinton. O’Reilly basically documents traces of white supremacy in the White House. If O’Reilly were to update his book, he needs to add a chapter for Bush and certainly for Obama.

Obama is a white president and he needed, politically speaking, to assert that in his presidency. He is surrounded by white advisers and it is not an exaggeration to say that George W. Bush (as insensitive as he was on race and on all other humanitarian issues) had more blacks in his inner circles than Obama.

Obama is flustered when asked about race and wants to make any race issue a non-racial issue. He uses language that is intended to reassure white Americans that he is not like their stereotype of the black man. Instead, he presents himself as the white man in black skin. Obama spoke about his mother and about his grandparents but rarely publicly spoke about his black father and about his African roots.

This president has ventured around the world but the continent of Africa is very marginal on his radar screen – in policy focus and in travel.

But Obama’s strategy may win after all. If America is not ready for a black president – and it is not – then why not promote a black man as a white man? Only such a transformation can do the trick and can capture enough white votes to win the presidency.

Even when race is an issue, as in the many cases of railroading and abusing blacks in the American justice system, Obama is at pains to deny that race is an issue. Racial injustice is not his concern and that is why he was able to capture the White House. In this campaign season, Obama will continue to run as a white man, but he may need to prove he is more white than ever.



That's all there's really to be said. Getting pretty desperate there. Maybe Barack Obama should go on a rap tour and wear a ton of golden jewellery to make Assad-Akhbar happy about how black he is?

The fact that you would even suggest that is racist in itself. Amazing how much the reckless words of white supremacists can reveal about themselves

B Moser

In obama's book 'Dreams from my father' he does not speak about any wealth in his family.

It's Obama's backers & who put him in the White house that tell us a lot about who he represents...clearly not poor blacks or whites. He talks about struggling people in the book mentioned with compassion and understanding and yet I feel as if he stepped into the White House a different man to the one who wrote the book. How does he live with his conscience ordering the bombings of Afgans, Arabs & Africans?

How is America democratic when powerful lobbies influence policy, and not the man on the street?

True enough; except that to a large number of voters he sold not the white man, whom we had had enough of (who could be more White than Bush), but the black man, who would help us prove to ourselves that we had successfully dealt with the issue of Race in America. In addition, many of us saw the man as someone who had seen the effects of policy at the street level and was ready to "change" the country. That his Yes we Can turned into No We Can't is due to the above comments: he's white! He grew up in a white world with white values. He dropped Rev Wright like a hot potato when his nomination was in question. He, in fact, isn't sure himself regarding his race (race for me being an entirely absurd classification)--notice how he goes into "black-speak" or "ghetto-talk" when he's relaxed and among blacks and young whites. I think he plays it masterfully, white in general, black when he needs it.

the biggest clue that American voters were not voting for someone who is truly Black is that there WAS someone on the ballot who is truly Black, had MORE experience, agreed with the majority of Americans on EVERY issue that matters, AND she is a woman!

but what can you expect from political parties that represent the minority one percent? our two-party system is nothing but a Union of One Percenters - a mechanism to eliminate the voice of the majority (whether Black/Muslim/Female/Poor/etc) whose interests intersect in the large universe outside of the gated country club and call it "democracy".

Two things:

1) Why does the race of the father automatically make Obama "African-American"?

2) Obama has no slave roots: his mother being wealthy, white, and a distant cousin to Dick Cheney, his father a very wealthy African. And according to Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory: both of Obama's parents were CIA.

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