CIA Wining and Dining Lebanese Students in US

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A Santa Monica College English Department student reads a book while lying on the lawn at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California on 4 April 2012. (Photo: REUTERS - Bret Hartman)

By: Sabah Ayoub

Published Friday, April 6, 2012

A Lebanese collegiate network established “to develop Lebanese-American students academically and professionally” and provide them with “professional career opportunities” is doing so through “info-sessions” financed and run by the CIA.

Several CIA agents walk into a room full of Lebanese students. It is decorated with the flags of Lebanon, the United States, and the CIA.

The participants’ eyes glow as they stare at the spymasters who have decided to pay them a visit in appreciation of their intelligence.

They give their full attention to a presentation about the different sections of the CIA. They note down information about the agency’s need to recruit smart, ambitious, and multilingual young Lebanese like them.

When they are done, students and agents go out to lunch where they eat hummus, grilled meats, tabbouleh, and flat bread. The CIA’s long experience taught it that recruiting a Lebanese agent starts with a hummus plate and a shawarma wrap. So, following each session, the CIA hosts and pays for a traditional Lebanese spread.

None of the above details are embellished or fabricated. Such meetings have been taking place since 2008 in the US after a Lebanese American student group decided to connect Lebanese students with one another in various states and cities.

Under the guise of working toward providing them with employment opportunities in the US, they hold yearly recruitment sessions for the CIA.

Connecting People

Once again, some Lebanese find the usual clever excuse to collaborate with the CIA. The smart alecks this time are a bunch of Lebanese students and Lebanese American citizens studying in US universities. They founded or joined a “non-profit” organization known as the Lebanese Collegiate Network (LCN).

The network is run by Lebanese and aims “to connect and develop Lebanese collegiate clubs, students, and alumni within the United States.”

The LCN which claims to work toward providing students with employment opportunities in the US has been holding information sessions sponsored and run by the CIA since its inception in 2007 up until last week.

The lecturers are CIA agents who are openly recruiting and hiring students. The last such meeting took place between March 30 and April 1, during LCN’s fifth Annual Convention at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

But the CIA’s contribution is not limited to hummus. It is an LCN “Gold Sponsor” in 2012, alongside other, “Silver,” sponsors like Rotary and RotarAct.

The financial contribution of the CIA to the LCN could be a violation of the CIA’s regulations about working on US territory. US laws allow the CIA to directly recruit agents in the US but not to fund US organizations with US citizens as members inside the country, except in extraordinary circumstance.

One Organization for All

LCN’s activity calendar published on their website shows that a few months into its founding in April 2008, LCN hosted the first CIA Info Session.

LCN explains that the aim of such sessions is to encourage institutions to employ members. But for five years in a row, the CIA was the only “institution” to provide career training for students!

Moreover, minutes of an LCN meeting held on 31 May 2011 show how some LCN leaders are satisfied with the CIA being the only sponsor and organizer of the sessions. The meeting involved several members of LCN’s board and staff and drew up a five-year workplan for the organization.

During discussions, LCN Treasurer Elect Tammy Ayoub suggested that, “other than the CIA maybe we can get a professional to come in and talk about their profession.” Another official, Anthony Gemayel, replied by saying “this might be difficult because not your whole club would be one specific major.”

They were answered by Patrick Sislian, LCN founding member and first president. “[The] reason the CIA works is because it works across all fields, LCN doesn’t specialize in Engineering, etc.,” he said.

At the end of the session founding members and former presidents Serge Haddad and Sevag Sislian recommended a career fair and suggested two guest institutions: the CIA and the US Army!

LCN mission states that it is “a non-political, non-religious, and non-profit organization aiming to connect and develop Lebanese collegiate clubs, students, and alumni within the United States.”

On the other hand, the CIA’s mission says, “We are the nation’s first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go. We carry out our mission by collecting information that reveals the plans, intentions, and capabilities of our adversaries, [...] Producing timely analysis that provides insight, warning, and opportunities for the President and decision makers charged with protecting and advancing America’s interests. Conducting covert actions at the direction of the President to preempt threats or achieve US policy objectives.”

In the meantime, several people in the US are voicing their objections to the utmost secrecy of the CIA’s policies, financing, budgeting, and spending inside and outside the country. Its lax regulations, contrary to other US government agencies, are also under scrutiny. Several famous US commentators have also criticized the agency for being a killing machine.

LCN considers the “CIA info sessions” as one of its major achievements. In its first communique about the issue it claimed that “more than 100 students attended and engaged the CIA representatives with several intuitive questions that ranged from salary, commitment, and policies.”

The student network does not deny CIA funding. Its website and annual letters indicate that “the CIA donated US$500 per info-session to the LCN.” It also “purchased the food for all student attendants.” It goes on to add that “each dollar is invested back to the LCN membership.”

Nevertheless, several leaks from inside LCN indicate that the CIA’s contribution is upward of US$10,000 annually, thus giving it the Gold Sponsor status.

A “Non-Political” Organization?

When LCN hosted its first info and recruitment session sponsored by the CIA in 2008, several students complained to its leadership. Former LCN Treasurer Serge Haddad replied in a signed official letter titled “Response Letter to CIA Info-Session.”

He defended LCN’s partnership with the CIA while “understand[ing] the sensitivity in this issue” and attempting “to clarify any misconceptions or myths.”

“The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is not an elected part of the United States Government, it is an apolitical (vice appointed) institution. In this aspect, it is similar to institutions such as the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Each institution provides a vast array of job opportunities,” the letter claimed.

It continues, “As a student in the U.S. with a U.S. Citizenship and/or proper paperwork, you have a right to be employed at any one [and more] of the above listed institutions.”

He reassures supporters that they “discussed this event thoroughly within the LCN board and got feedback
and approval from several University Lebanese Club presidents.”

They also “sat down with CIA representatives in Washington, D.C. and discussed both the job opportunities as well as the negative perspective the CIA may have with the Middle Eastern community.”

Then he goes on to list possible career opportunities in the CIA and says that they “believe in open, respectful, and constructive dialogue.”

Speaking about the relationship with the CIA, he says, “On a personal level we are citizens and residents of the United States, as an organization, LCN is recognized by the United States. The CIA mission does not conflict with the LCN Constitution and Bylaws.”

He concludes by saying, “Remember, we are here to serve you.”

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


I am utterly shocked at how low this journalist, Sabah Ayoub, has gone. Not only has he fabricated a whole article based on one fact and one fact only (that the CIA has held info sessions with the LCN) but he has also accused these people by name. Trust me when I say that YOU HAVE IT ALL WRONG. The LCN couldn't be more peaceful and neutral of an organization. There are recruiters from so many companies that do business with the LCN and since you have so graciously knit-picked and chose what to tell/show your viewers in a very biased way, I suggest you tell the FULL STORY of the LCN and not just what YOU want to see & hear. Tell them about the 5 conventions that were hosted, about all the other engineering, bio, business, medical organizations and companies that work with the LCN. Tell them about the networking, the friendship, and the happiness that the LCN has brought to countless Lebanese students living in the USA. Tell them all this without the mocking "apostrophes" that you so love to use.

Here is a quote from your website:
"The late Samaha (1949-2007) envisioned a publication that would uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity while remaining true to the principles of anti-imperialist struggle, progressive politics, and freedom of expression."

The key words here are "uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity" and I believe Mr. Ayoub has upheld nothing but the lowest standards of any journalist in the world. This is article is a useless propaganda tool that does nothing but target an innocent, wonderful and critical organization for Lebanese youth in the USA and serve the interests of Lebanon's enemies. Mr. Ayoub, if you really want to uphold high standards, wouldn't it be wise to perhaps contact the LCN? Maybe ask one of the people you mentioned a few questions? Isn't that better than throwing accusations that they are "recruiting spies" ? You have obviously done no real research on this organization because if you have then you will know how transparent, sincere, non-political, non-religious and non-biased they are. There are members from ALL religions, all political affiliations (not that anyone really cares about bringing these topics up) and the Lebanese diversity is just incredible.

It disgusts me that you would drag the LCN into politics the way you just did. I am not March 14, nor am I March 8 and I couldn't care less about either at this point. I am a Lebanese American who believes in truth and justice and not in fabrication and manipulation. If you talk to anyone in the LCN, they will share with you the real mission, they will tell you that there are MAAAAANY more companies and organizations besides the CIA that give job opportunities to young Lebanese youth.

I sincerely hope you rethink the wrong that you have done and may God forgive you for your wrongdoings (Allah ysem7ak).

God Bless Lebanon and ALL its people.

I do agree that this is bad journalism. It is obvious that the reporter dramatized many facts in her article, and that it is more a spiel than an objective assessment of the situation.

However, her main point remains valid. In particular, she made one argument that left an impression, and which can be verified through the LCN website itself: the CIA is indeed one of the main sponsors of the LCN. This alone should be a red flag. In fact, it is the reason why I chose to withdraw my membership from the LCN.

Oh Gosh! How easy is to accuse people with NO SINGLE proof that any of these students is recruited. We all forget that these students could also be American, and it is their right to chose their own career (that is IF what you say is true). I looked at their website and I have realized that all what they have is public !!! It is very low of the journalist to gossip about those hardworking Lebanese (and Lebanese-American) who found a way to Unite themselves regardless their background, religion or anything else that divides them like what is happening in Lebanon. I believe that the journalist has a very low, provocative and mean agenda. Long live the free will of the human kind to decide what they want to be and to do in their life. We are so proud of you LCN!!! Keep up the good work. You are Lebanon's hope, you are the future.

I don't see the problem. Last time I checked, we weren't at war with the USA.

Last time you "checked", did you remember to check the fact that the US supports every single action Israel takes against Lebanon, and moreover did you "check" march 14 and their subservience to US policy? Did you "check" the dozens of US agents that try to spy on native Lebanese organizations?

Maybe you should "check" one more time

Am I missing something? Lebanese students some of whom are Lebanese nationals being recruited by the CIA. That's treason for those that are Lebanese citizens. Shouldn't they be arrested upon return?

May be they are targetting bloggers too? Check this!

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