A farewell to Al Akhbar and Assad's apologists

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Al-Akhbar Management

This is my last post for Al Akhbar English. I explain why here.


Editor's Note: Al-Akhbar would like to thank Max Blumenthal for his contributions to Al-Akhbar English. His point of view on many topics of contention, in the US and the region, enriched an ongoing debate that needs the energy and creativity of people like Max in order to find solutions that bring diverging points of view closer together to pave the way out of what may seem like an inescapable rut.

Al-Akhbar will continue to be “one of the most courageous publications” in the changing Arab world. It will not shy away from controversy or from admitting mistakes of which there were some. It is in this spirit that Al-Akhbar will remain an open and free forum for anyone willing to challenge the dominance of mainstream media and introduce much needed new ideas into public discourse in the Arab world and beyond.


MB's blog was the lest interesting and meaningful of the three. No big loss here. Not mentioning his temper tantrum which sounds awfully well-tuned to imperialist propaganda: if in imperialist/ Zionists/Gulf royals media there could be hardly a single voice questioning their "let us bomb Syria to freedom" tales, every media which dares not to 100% agree with them is accused in being "Assad apologists"

Go ahead Al ankbar you do not need people as the one is leaving. I "try" to read his last writing...so many words. True is simple and do not need lengthy explanations, but perhaps to create confusion...

wonder if max will refuse to post on the new york times or washington post or al jazeera, of course not, posting on sities that feature pro isreal and oli and gas theifdoms artciles are perfectly moral but of course posting on a website that might feature a pro assad article once in a while is war crime. What a crock

I am very sorry to see Max leave al-Akhbar. I appreciated his views and looked forward to reading them on al-Akhbar, and it is only through al-Akhbar that I became his regular reader.

I want to also encourage al-Akhbar to continue to publish all views on the Syrian issue. There is such a terrible tendency in media today to portray one narrative or another, black or white -- when reality is never like that. I enjoy and appreciate al-Akhbar's coverage, because the truth may only be discerned from a distance by an overview of all narratives of any ongoing story.

There is a lot of social pressure among Western liberals to see the Syrian revolution in that binary spectrum. This is Mr. Blumenthal background so I guess his response is to be expected. This "us vs. them" attitude is unfortunately ingrained in Americans and very hard to overcome -- I personally have struggled with it a lot. Ironically it is also the most un-democratic of traits that one can possess.

Good luck to him and to al-Akhbar English.

It is telling that the author condemned the Neocons while the Iranian regime and it's poodles like Amal and Hezbollah were nowhere to be seen when their Iraqi clients like Chalabi and Bayati were cavorting with the Zionists Neocons for years. There was no talk of Bernard Henri-Levy back then and all of the "mumana'a" hypocrites who posted have don't have much sincerity when the Syrian and Iranian regime and their allies were collaborating with the West.

Redemption at Last

Many thanks to your courageous farewell article and away from an outlet
that sponsors medieval murderers to disguise its writers perennial sectarian motives and grudges.

Douri of The South,

BintJabil, Lebanon.

If he drifts further towards mainstream US democratic party positions then Max Blumental might become a good example of Amal Saad Ghorayeb litmus assertion.

I for one agree with her assertion. Once the Syrian "revolution" openly accepted the support of the empire and her local servants, then it has become as unclean as Zionism. Therefore any anti-imperialist must reject that "revolution" and support the Syrian regime.

Castro, Chavez, Morales and their ALBA comrades understood that right away.

So why don't you apply this to Bashar's grandfather who was a stooge for the French Mandate, praising the Zionists, or Hafez al-Assad who collaborated with the Americans in Gulf War I, and who was rewarded with a green light to occupy Lebanon. Why don't you apply this to Iran and it's allies who rode to power on American tanks in Afghanistan and Iraq, taking billions from the Americans along the way, or the Iranian regime which allowed American warplanes into it's airspace to attack Afghanistan or the Iraqi poodles of Iran who incited the Zionist Neocons to attack Iraq? All of this was done with deafening silence from the Iranian regime,Amal ,Hezbollah and the Bashar groupies.

The most interesting part of Max's confession on his own blog is that Max does not comprehend that al-Qaeda is phony. He constructs an elaborate argument comparing Assad to Bush 43 in terms of their respective statements about "the threat of al-Qaeda," without being able to grasp that USrael exploited al-Qaeda systematically from 9/11 onwards, all over southwest and southeast Asia and north Africa, to pursue their imperial goals, the latest of which is the conquest of Syria. Max has no geopolitical perception. He pursues imaginary 'democratic' utopias in a geopolitical vacuum. He has learned nothing from Leninism or from any other form of anti-imperialism. His idea of how to fight the USraeli empire is pure liberal self-delusion.

This isd a sound argument.

The reason why your opinion doesn't matter much compared to Ibrahim Al-amin is as you yourself said: it's not a topic you know well. Not that you're an authority on Israel Palestine either. I just read some of your writings to get behind the zionists' Hasbara. And what exactly makes your knowledge of the events in Syria more bonafide than Sharmine Narwani. You just call her writings quasi-analysis on a topic you don't know so well and you decide to call Al-akhbar a morally compromised outlet for it?
Your view of Syria is simply naive, but what do you care, aren't you in the States somewhere? How affected will you be when the war spills over to Lebanon as it already has? You'll be as affected as Saad Hariri.
Also, I never read a piece by Ibrahim Al-amin where he didn't crticize the regime and its brutal crackdown, but he certainly wasn't going to repeat the western/gulf media mantra that are doing Israel's work in Syria to make you happy princess.
To not support the syrian opposition as represented by the SNC that's already started to make concessions to the zionist entity, doesn't mean you're an Assad apologist.
Good riddance....

You're the last person to speak when your ilk were totally silent towards your Iraqi buddies like Chalabi and Bayati who were cavorting with the Zionist Neocons, inciting them for years to attack Iraq, using Saddam's support of "Palestinian terrorism", or your buudies who rode to power on American tanks in Afghanistan and Iraq taking billions along the way. Of course, the sectarian hypocrites of Amal and Hezbollah never talk about this and they can't even abide by their bogus "mumana'a" principles. Kama tudeen tudaan ya jabaan.

Will miss your writing as I continue to read al-akhbar regularly. Continued good luck on e.g. HuffPo.

Max Blumenthal has repeatedly stated that ONLY Jews have a 'right' to speak on Palestine.
Other than being the twitterings of an inane little Jewish rich kid with severe issue with his own family, his attitude makes it cear what all us goyish untermenschen should say to him when he speaks from on high and explains what dolts Arabs (or any other lesser breed of non-Jews) are --
Go home and play with your toys; if you believe that only Jews should speak on Israeli depredations, then Jews SHOULD NOT have a right to speak about anything else.

There is simply no excuse for me to remain involved for another day with such a morally compromised outlet.

Your morality compass is a little off it seems. Max writes for The Nation which is an Obama apologist, remind me who has killed more people, Obama or Assad? The anti-anti-imperialist left's double-standards, as always.

Max Bloumenthal. You wrote:

I can not disagree with anyone who claims that the United States and the Saudi royals aim to ratchet up their regional influence on the backs of the shabby Syrian National Council while Israel cheers on the sidelines.

I cannot disagree either. No doubt this is a prime concern of many and a prime reason for supporting the Syrian regime. All that you wrote after didn't answer that concern. Thus I dare suggesting this may not be a prime concern for you.

Then you wrote:

Palestine will never be free as long as the Arab world lives under the control of dictators.

On this one, mrs. Clilnton cannot disagree with you. In fact, Israelis often sing a similar song about the desired "peace" pending the removal of Arab dictators.

And thus Palestine liberation struggle must halt for long time.

Because first, all dictators must be toppled, even if by US backed movements.

Allow me to paraphrase:
Palestine will never be free as long as the US gets her way.

I do wonder if his daddy (Bill Clinton's aide) asked him to please tow the line

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