Walk of Causes | Episode 1: For Peace and Health

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By Matias Nordahl Carlsen and Jørgen Ekvoll

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Jørgen and Matias, two Norwegian travelers, chose to walk from the northern tip of Lebanon to its southern border. Trekking through Lebanon's rugged and mountainous terrain without the aid of a map or a compass, the pair stumbled along the country's religious fault lines.

They started their journey in the spring of 2010, documenting their steps as they went. From the rights of domestic workers, to freedom of press, or the Armenian genocide, each day brought with it a new cause to walk.

Various sponsors were willing to assist them along the way, helping them produce their film and, more importantly, raise funds for local issues such as refugees, orphans, cluster bombs, and landmines, to name a few…

The series, comprising of 14 episodes, will be featured twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

How do you prepare yourself for the longest march of your life?

Matias called Jørgen in the morning for the last checkup, "How did you manage to put all the stuff in your rucksack? There is too much camera gear!" We had to leave the tent behind, and we forgot to bring a map. We weren't really prepared.

Getting from Beirut to Machta Hammoud, our starting point, was a piece of cake. Three bus rides and we were there.
The goal was to make it to El Qbaiyat before dark, but the rucksacks that felt so light when we tried them on at home, turned into led when we hit the road. After one hour we had to stop for a beer. That's when we met Elias. He served us whiskey, and gave us a warm bed to sleep in. The next morning, with no proper map, no GPS and no compass, we embarked on a quest through the fog into the deep forest.

The first episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to Peace and Health. It's sponsored by the Norwegian UNIFIL veteran Stein Nilsen. Half of the money donated by him will go to Lebanese Red Cross to continue the work they do on improving the general health in the country. The other half went to cover production expenses, so this episode could reach you.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/walkofcauses
Website: http://www.2famous.tv
Blog: http://2famous.tv/category/walk-of-causes/
Twitter: @ekvoll | @mrmatias

The fog got to thick to navigate by the mountains. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)
Jørgen lost in the mountains in the North of Lebanon. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)
Nice woman helping us on our way. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)
We went off track. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)
Man we asked for directions in Beit Gharib. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)
The fog became pretty strong after El Qbaiyat. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)


Thank you for walking on behalf of us all. Good luck with your walks and thank you for the wonderful pictures and films of your travels!

Incredible photography. I feel as if I'm looking at the people.

how beautiful are these pictures! and these people in the pictures show us the true, the good and the beautiful.

hey guys from Canada...I'm so glad that you guys are walking for this cause! Lebanon needs it especially with all the political chaos b/w our people! I seriously cannot wait to visit Lebanon! its been a while....
Anyways, great work :D

Hey Guys,

Greetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil
I truly love Lebanon and it was inspiring to see you innitiative of a cross country in a such beautiful and full of life Lebanon. I will follow your steps through the web.
Happy New Year

Wonderful idea guys! I hope you can come visit our school when your trip is completed and insipire our students to go on more trips to discover their country.

Thank you. Guys
You let us see with you some of our lovely land.
I love it. Keep up

Thank you guys! It was a pleasure to walk this country!

And thanks for sharing our videos, we need all the viewers we can get ;)

Jørgen & Matias

I certainly love it and I truly bow for this piece of humanitarian art!!!
God Bless u Guyss!!

This is amazingly awesome and hilarious. Great work, guys!

Thank you Mattias and Jorgen! I enjoyed your video and am anxious to watch the next episode.

Great stuff guys! Keep up the good walk!

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