Walk of Causes | Episode 12: For All The Orphans

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By Matias Nordahl Carlsen and Jørgen Ekvoll

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It was nice being able to wake up in a proper bed for a change, and we felt that the brothers and the sisters had taken good care of us. In this episode of Walk of Causes, we enter the majestic Chouf region in the Lebanese mountains. This is the land of the Druze in Lebanon, a mystical religion that believes in reincarnation, among other things.

There are no more than one million Druze in the world today. Two hundred and fifty thousand of these live in the Chouf, so we were really excited to meet these people.

This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to all the orphans in the world, and is supported by Acea.

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A girl that we gave a balloon to. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)
Jørgen & Matias with some balloons.
A wedding that we walked into. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)
Matias & Jorgen getting comfortable in the womens section of the wedding.
Love. (Photo: Matias Nordahl Carlsen)


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