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Firas Abou-Mosleh
Vote for the Blue Gold project. Many have noticed the television ads on Lebanese networks, and some may have even thought that Blue Gold is a...
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
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Mouhamad Wehbe
Lebanon’s tobacco regulatory authority has allocated around $39 million to increase its production of Lebanese cigarettes. Prompted by an increase in...
Monday, December 9, 2013
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Bassam Alkantar
For three months, the installation of fiber-optic cables in North Lebanon has been suspended. Elsewhere in the country, other important...
Thursday, December 5, 2013
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Firas Abou-Mosleh
Even the International Monetary Fund is beginning to speak about the risks entailed in the concentration of wealth, recommending increased taxes on...
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
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Speaking at the 2013 Annual Arab Banking Conference, Daniel Glaser, the US assistant secretary for terrorist financing in the Office of Terrorism...
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
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Mohamad Bdeir
Cross-border projects are materializing, but not between Arab countries – as Arabs would have hoped – but between Israel and Jordan. A joint...
Sunday, November 17, 2013
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Soha Shamas
Dimashq al-Yasmin, Ya Mal al-Sham, Bab al-Sham. These are the names of some shops owned by Syrian refugees in Lebanon: restaurants, grocers, roasters...
Thursday, November 7, 2013
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Mouhamad Wehbe
The World Bank’s “Doing Business 2014” report ranks Lebanon 111 out of 182 global economies on the “ease of doing business,” dropping six spots from...
Thursday, October 31, 2013
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Minhal al-Amin
A pharmacist's job is to sell goods, like any other merchant. The pharmacy is a shop, and patients are customers.
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
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