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Date 2011-05-15 14:30:07
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Dear Sofian,

Here is what I found on Syria Stocks;

After speculating about whether Mr. Makhlouf will enter the market or not, Rami Attar pointed out that the buyer on QNBS from CC is mostly Mr. Rami Makhlouf based on the huge amount of shares bought and that the brokerage company is CC.


A joke that شام كابيتال تتبع بابا نويل وليس العكس

another comment:
بس بابا نويل مالو قد سهم بنك قطر هذا البنك يلي بقرب علية بيحرق اصابيعه
Santa here refer to Mr. Makhlouf and al Attar response was الله يسامحك

No one mentioned ARBS stocks.


Zein Albeilani
Broker Assisstant

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