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Date 2011-02-02 03:11:09
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Good morning to you, I just came to the office after my meeting with my boss. All went well, but there was an enquiry about why the recent interview was not translated into Arabic. We explained we received no instructions or requests from no one to
translate it. Thinking it was not meant to be published in Arabic, we (Majd and myself) did not ask. I was wondering if I can be entrusted with transcribing and translating all your interviews on my own, if you think it is appropriate. I do not know how
you see this but I have a point here which I would like to talk about whenever you have a minute, if you allow me. I insha' Allah guarantee to finish the transcripts of any interview on time and to finish their translation whenver required the same day. I
can provide you with letters from my academic as well as professional bosses everywhere that I can manage to do so if I were given the chance. I hope I am not doing injustice to anyone by suggesting that. But, at the same time, I have conviction that even
if I were to infringe upon the rights of my colleagues, you yourself would not give me any chance to do so.. Therefore, all I am hoping for is considering my proposal or giving me forgiveness if I have ever erred.. With my utmost commitment and strong
faith in you forever.. Aristotle said, "Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas" "نحن نحبّ أفلاطون، لكننا نفضّل الحقيقة عليه" أرسطو! ---- Msg sent via @Mail -

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