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Suhaib Anjarini
The organization known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is no doubt among those who have benefited the most from the Syrian conflict....
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
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A powerful jihadist group battling al-Qaeda's affiliate in Syria has sharply criticised the global terror network's leader in a statement, rejecting...
Monday, May 12, 2014
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Fighting in the Damascus district of Yarmouk have interrupted aid distribution to thousands of besieged Palestinian refugees, the United Nations said...
Monday, March 3, 2014
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Laith al-Khatib
The standing of over 500 fighters in Babbila has been resolved according to AFP. The agreement to resolve the standing of rebel fighters in the...
Friday, February 21, 2014
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Yazan al-Saadi
Thousands of Syrians are languishing in the numerous security branches scattered throughout Syria. At the same time, hundreds of Syrians have been...
Friday, February 14, 2014
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Sami Kleib
Sooner or later, the battle in the Syrian city of Yabroud will come to an end. According to military estimates, it is not going to take more than a...
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
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With the next round of talks at the Geneva II conference just around the corner, Al-Akhbar interviewed John Wilkes, Britain’s envoy to Syria, during...
Saturday, February 8, 2014
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