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Car bombs exploded at three checkpoints on the western outskirts of Iraq's holy city of Samarra on Thursday, killing three people and wounding 41...
Thursday, January 8, 2015
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Violence in Iraq killed more than 15,000 civilians and security personnel in 2014, government figures showed Thursday, as bloodshed continued...
Friday, January 2, 2015
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A suicide bomber attacked Shia pilgrims north of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 17 people, officials and a survivor of the blast said, a day...
Monday, December 29, 2014
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Five separate bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and the northern city of Kirkuk killed 38 people and wounded dozen others on Thursday, police...
Friday, December 5, 2014
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Moataz al-Mashhadani
Who rules Iraq? This is not a question about the identity of the prime minister in Baghdad, but rather about the internal mechanisms of governance...
Thursday, December 4, 2014
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Updated at 1:07 pm (GMT +2): Iraq's government reached a formal agreement with Kurdish regional authorities after three days of talks in Baghdad...
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
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Turkish prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, tried to counter charges that his country is facilitating the passage of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (...
Friday, November 21, 2014
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There are increasing tangible signs that the US is considering a ground intervention in Iraq. Several developments on the battlefield led the US to...
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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Salam Zaidan
The security and political situation in Iraq is having a negative impact on its economic activity. Several commercial sectors are facing a recession...
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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