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Nicolas Nassif
It is not surprising that MP Michel Aoun, leader of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), has once again alluded to the Orthodox Gathering’s electoral...
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
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Sami Kleib
At the start of his third term in office, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad seems to be living his daily life as though there is no war in the country...
Thursday, June 12, 2014
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Ibrahim al-Amin
The story says that former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora made a short and private visit to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to explain to him, in detail...
Monday, June 9, 2014
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Roula Ibrahim
It is rare for the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) not to be the first to react to issues that directly concern them, such as the visit by Maronite...
Monday, June 2, 2014
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In the absence of any serious external intervention to end the stalemate concerning the presidential elections – with the major powers limiting their...
Friday, May 30, 2014
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Jean Aziz
A Lebanese politician returning from Paris recounts his tale about what he calls a "presidential conspiracy" in the French capital. According to the...
Thursday, May 29, 2014
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Hiyam Kossayfi
Since the presidential post will soon be vacant, the government of Prime Minister Tammam Salam will take center stage. Salam’s visit to Saudi Arabia...
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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Hiyam Kossayfi
Though the Lebanese are anticipating May 25, the constitutional deadline for electing a new president, regional and international powers aren’t...
Friday, May 9, 2014
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Jean Aziz
The private talks between Aoun and Hariri are now public. Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri has opted for endless negotiations as his prefered tactic...
Saturday, May 3, 2014
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