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Two loud explosions struck the south Lebanese port city of Tyre early Wednesday, with no casualties reported. The first bomb went off around 4.55am...
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
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Three Lebanese soldiers suffered temporary asphyxiation on Sunday after the Israeli army fired a smoke bomb at a Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) outpost...
Sunday, January 18, 2015
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An Italian peacekeeper was found dead inside a south Lebanon UNIFIL base early Tuesday morning, spokesperson Andrea Tenenti told Al-Akhbar. No...
Tuesday, August 12, 2014
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A shepherd kidnapped Tuesday by Israeli forces in southeast Lebanon was handed over to UNIFIL late Wednesday, who then released him to the Lebanese...
Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Updated 1:50 pm: Israeli occupation forces crossed into Lebanon on Thursday and abducted five people from the Bastra farms of the southern town of...
Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Dany al-Amine
The Israeli enemy was again allowed to violate the land surrounding the South Lebanon village of Adaisseh. Over the weekend, Israel removed its...
Tuesday, January 21, 2014
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Danny al-Amin
Israel postponed a project to build a military road at the border with the southern town of Aytaroun in the Marjayoun district following a warning by...
Friday, October 11, 2013
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Amal Khalil
Al-Akhbar has learned that Hezbollah has declared a state of general alert in its ranks. The Resistance decided to elevate its personnel’s readiness...
Friday, August 30, 2013
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My friend Amer was commenting to me how the failed Israeli terrorist “commando” raid in South Lebanon did not receive much coverage in the Western...
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