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Eva Shoufi
It is no longer possible for the media and state institutions in Lebanon to continue to deal with weather and climate issues in the same manner. The...
Friday, February 13, 2015
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Radwan Mortada
Is Ahmed al-Assir an emir in the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS)? The news might come as a shock at first, but anyone who traces the intellectual...
Friday, January 30, 2015
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Firas Choufi
The Syrian army’s battles with the al-Nusra Front militants north of the Damascus-Beirut road have prompted the Lebanese army to take utmost caution...
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Eva Shoufi
The relationship between host communities and Syrian refugees in Lebanon is going through a thorny phase. Most analyses discussing the economic...
Friday, January 23, 2015
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Eva Shoufi
In the tents of Syrian refugees, stories abound and tragedies surround them daily. After three years, the tattered canvas of the tents attests to...
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
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Wafiq Qanso
In a private meeting held in the eastern Bekaa Valley, Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah reiterated Hezbollah’s unwavering decision to...
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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Hassan Illeik
The leaders of the armed Syrian opposition in the mountains of Qalamoun are making extensive claims about victories they have purportedly achieved in...
Friday, October 10, 2014
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Louai Falha
Farmers [in the Bekaa Valley] are not ashamed of growing marijuana. For them, it is neither a disgrace nor a mistake, “We grow it to survive” they...
Saturday, September 13, 2014
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Rameh Hamieh
The family of the latest Lebanese soldier to be beheaded by jihadi militants blamed the state for failing to prevent his abduction and called for the...
Monday, September 8, 2014
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